A.C.R.O.N.Y.M Records (http://www.a-c-r-o-n-y-m.com)

The new record label from former Outpunk/QueerCorps founder Matt Wobensmith. Hardcore rap rock punk electronic noise HOMO shit!!!
New Deadlee album "Assault with a Deadlee Weapon" (A.C.R.O.N.Y.M. #1) out spring 2004.

GAYHIPHOP.COM (http://www.gayhiphop.com)

GayHipHop.com is the premiere news and information source for the gay hip-hop fan. The site promotes LGBT talent within any of the hip-hop elements and provides informative resources, news, forums, music and events for the gay hip-hop community.

LARRY-BOB’S GAY HIP-HOP LINKS (http://www.io.com/~larrybob/hiphop.html)

An extensive, frequently updated list of LGBT hip-hop related links compiled by Larry-bob Roberts of Holy Titclamps magazine.
MONEY TALKS RECORDS (http://www.moneytalksrecords.com)

Website and online community for Money Talks Records, a hip-hop/R&B label owned by Houston-based singer/rapper/producer Miss Money.

SUGARTRUCK RECORDINGS (http://sugartruck.tripod.com)

Oakland-based record label founded by Juba Kalamka (aka Pointfivefag) specializing in Homohop, Spokenweird and other cultural missives from Black LGBT folk and their friends and allies. Their website includes information on current releases as well as photos, lyrics, links and ordering info.